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The plants get eaten by the herbivores, the herbivores get eaten by the carnivores and the bugs are trying to put a stop to it all.

Enter a first person, open world environment and create and grow your own ecosystem and keep your creatures from extinction.


W,A,S,D to move.

Left click to shoot.

1: Select Seeds.

2: Select Goat eggs.

3: Select Dragon eggs.

F: Pick up or Place down.

Spacebar: Jump

Shift: Sprint

Esc: Menu

How to Play:

Create an ecosystem and protect it from the deadly bugs.Use seeds to grow plants and find eggs and hatch them.

The ultimate goal is to destroy the bugs!


1)Place your seeds to start growing plants.

2)Harvest the plants by pressing F to collect seeds when the plants have fruit.

3)Make sure you have a good supply of plants before moving to the next step.

4)Look for a goat egg and collect it with F

5)Place the goat egg with F.

6)Wait for the goat to lay an egg and watch as your goat herd grows. (Warning: make sure they have enough food or they will starve).

7)Look for a dragon egg in the world and proceed the same as with the goats.

8)Dragons eat goats so make sure you have enough or they will starve.

Dragons will roam the world killing bugs.

If you find yourself face to face with a bug, left click with your mouse to throw rocks at it. They multiply fast but they die easy.


Everything in the game was made by us. Except for the unity standard asset tree because we were running out of time and the world just looked too bare without anything.


Eco-gro.rar 45 MB
Web.html 3 kB

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